Ensure the well-being of sick children and their families, improving their everyday lives.

Young patients' hospital stays, sometimes long and repeated, are sources of upheavals and suffering for sick children and their families. Children Action has set up programs, within the pediatric wards of the University Hospitals, aiming to improve their everyday lives during this difficult time.



WIthin the pediatric onco-hematology unit of the University Hospitals of Geneva (HUG), the Sabrina project funds 

professional services to assist sick children/adolescents, and to support their parents and the healthcare team.

Hospitalized children benefit from art therapy and other
recreational, artistic and educational support allowing: 

  • the expression of suffering in a different way; 

  • an entertaining moment taking their pain away; 

  • a time of respite for parents.

In order to facilitate the transition back to a normal life after what are often long and repeated hospitalizations, Children Action also proposes art therapy and academic support outside the hospital.

Two therapists are available to support families.


Implementation of a training program in therapeutic communication and hypnosis in hospital in collaboration with the University Hospitals of Geneva. These training sessions enable medical teams to acquire specific knowledge in managing pain, stress and anxiety induced by the disease and the care, providing a real benefit for young patients in pediatric wards.

Every year, more than

100 families with sick children are  accompanied within the framework of the Sabrina project, including 

parents and siblings

In 2020,

the Geneva Children's Hospital 
has 411 caregivers trained in pediatric therapeutic communication and 59 hypnosis practitioners, allowing approximately 500 children per year to benefit from this treatment.


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