“ The right to health includes access to timely, acceptable, and affordable health care of appropriate quality.”


Source : WHO

Quality of care and knowledge transfer to act and make our action sustainable

Thousands of children worldwide suffer from physical health problems and are unable to receive proper medical attention due to a lack of financial resources, capacities or suitable facilities.

Since 1996, Children Action has launched several surgical projects targeting access to relevant and quality care for children in need aged 0 to 18 years.


The Foundation works alongside European medical specialists in order to ensure high quality health care as well as knowledge transfer to local medical teams.





Since 1996, Children Action organizes annually about twelve missions composed of high-level European surgeons who operate children in Vietnam. Orthopedic malformations and burn injuries are treated during these missions. The local medical teams benefit from the expertise of foreign surgeons to perfect their own methods and practice new techniques. 


Since 2007, Children Action also supports treatment for Vietnamese children with heart malformations and whose families lack the financial resources to pay for surgery. These children are operated on by Vietnamese surgeons.


surgical missions 

have been organized in Cameroon, Myanmar and Vietnam.


 6,086 days were offered by medical experts 

13,808 surgeries

  • 5,517 orthopedic malformations

  • 2,856 cleft lips

  • 2,846 burn injuries

  • 2,113 heart defects

  • 395 urological malformations

  • 81 other pathologies

52 surgeons,

doctors, physiotherapists

and other specialists share their time

and expertise

every year


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