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In the context of the social crisis caused by the Covid, Children Action committed to double the donations collected for the purchase of basic foodstuffs for children of families in precarious situations living in French-speaking Switzerland.
Thus, the amount of CHF 250,000 from the generosity of donors was transformed into CHF 500,000 to support this action.

This crisis has revealed an invisible precariousness, that of families who until then were just getting by and who have suddenly fallen into poverty.

Children Action's appeal for donations to alleviate this situation of need and food insecurity generated a wave of solidarity and mobilization that made it possible to finance basic necessities for the children of the poorest families in French-speaking Switzerland. The Foundation financed, in partnership with the Colis du Coeur in the canton of Geneva and with the Cartons du Coeur in the canton of Vaud, the distribution of the following goods:

  * 15,000 baskets of fruit and vegetables

  * 23'040 liters of milk

  * 177'840 diapers

  * 750 kilos of apples compote

  * 1,512 kilos of muesli

  * 2,560 kilos of cocoa powder

  * 1,278 kilos of chocolate spread

  * 1,120 kilos of cookies


Distributions continue in 2021!




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