“ A meal at school acts as a magnet to get children into the classroom (...)

School feeding programmes achieve much more than feeding children."


Source: "State of School Feeding Worldwide 2013 - WFP World Food Programme"

Encouraging families to enroll their children in school and gain access to education


In order to give the most destitute children the opportunity to get an education, Children Action finances a number of programmes that promote access to education. 


Some remote areas in Vietnam are lacking of schools. Children who live in these provinces have sometimes to walk more than 10 kilometers, which prevents many families from enrolling their children in school.


Children Action funds the construction of schools in the poorest regions of Vietnam  in order to give the most destitute children the opportunity to get a basic education and then to follow a school curriculum.  

Since 2001, 

15 schools were built 

in remote areas.


Each year, almost

 1,300 children attend school

Since 2007,  

4,378,506 meals

were distributed 

Every year, about 8,000 pupils receive the notebooks that are necessary for their schooling.


Since 2007, 911,310 notebooks were distributed. 


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