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Support to teenage parents and their children

Strengthen family, social, community bonds to support 

teen mothers or families facing difficulties

Early childhood development is considered to be a very important phase in determining the quality of health, well being, learning and behaviour throughout life. Family, social, community and relational environments in which children grow strongly influence who they become. A lack of individual, social and financial resources among mothers, particularly during early pregnancy, can weaken the general environment and jeopardise a child’s development.

Children Action has set-up programmes targeting the prevention of children development issues, promoting protective factors to strengthen family units and ensure the well-being of at-risk children.


“Offering access to a familial and socially nourishing environment for children who live in precarious situations can significantly influence the course of a life.”

Source : Total Environment Assessment Model For Early Child Development - Evidence report, June 2007 for the World Health Organization